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Good news: If you’re a subscriber you probably noticed I managed to get the Instagram integration unstuck.

Bad news: If you’re a subscriber you probably noticed I managed to get the Instagram integration unstuck.

Apologies for the flood.

Now with more Discord

Need more of The Mob in your life? Come yammer with us over on Discord:

More Teen Tunes


Care for some lo-fi rainy day tunes from our own @GBonemeal?

Mobsters at Dragon Con 2019


Just a quick note to those beloved Mobsters who are attending Dragon Con this year: We would love some fresh photos of the Ruby flyer hanging about the place!

(Don’t despair if you’re not attending Dragon Con – we’d love to see some photos of the flyers about your hometown as well.)

Please Stand By

Peavey PV 8
The Board apologizes, but our beloved Peavey PV 8 has finally mixed its last dulcet tone. It was a lovely bit of kit, having traveled with us across multiple homes and cons, may it rest in well-balanced peace.

That said, A HOT NEW GUY IS COMIN’ TO TOWN, (but, unfortunately, episode releases are delayed until Amazon arrives.)

TERROR ON THE TRANS-SIBERIAN TRAIL (Join us for a game of Mafia?)

Trans-Siberian Railway

Who’s ready to board a train with me and experience…..


…we’re dying for you to join us.

(I’ll be hosting a mafia game online over the next few weeks, so you’re interested in receiving an invite for the journey post below to let me know and I’ll send you some details).

Television? Stellavision.

Stella was recently invited to appear on Rogers TV’s On the Couch! Here’s the full episode, including her interview:

Skinner Co. Visits Riot Axe

A visit to Riot Axe in Guelph, Ontario. It turns out throwing axes is a lot of fun.

Mob Craft Night

Our Propaganda Department Head, Janelle, is holding an event tonight to raise a little cash to fight MS and to get together with the Mob and paint (or whatever.)

If you’re interested feel free to check out the event page – the Google Hangout starts at 7PM-ish EST – and certainly swing by the donation site.

Mob Book Club: The Turn of the Screw

The Innocents (The Turn of the Screw)
We’ll be recording our Mob Book Club segment on The Turn of the Screw this weekend!

Please submit any comments, reactions, or denouncements you may have to – audio files and text entries are equally welcome.

Also, gird yourself for Jurd’s theory that The Gilmore Girls is a Turn of the Screw fanfic run amok.