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Mob Movie League: Summer 2016 Season

Summer 2016 Movies

Care to join us for the summer blockbuster season of the Mob Movie League? No prior knowledge of fantasy leagues is needed, we’ll gladly walk you throught he process – just raise your hand in this thread.

The Fictional Follicle Face Off: 2016

I have been remiss in pushing this, but, with two weeks left, things ARE ABOUT TO GET HAIRY.

As you may or may not recall, a while back Strawsburg and I did our best Asimov impressions in a competition eventually judged by Tom Merritt. That bit of nonsense has now set down the Foundation for a new challenge, The Fictional Follicle Face Off: This year we’re allowing an open field. Anyone can join, total donations collected for MS research have become part of the scoring, and the Asimov-specific connection has (Night)fallen – participants can aim to re-create ANY science fiction or fantasy author OR character.

At the moment we have three competitors on the donation page, but I do know Straws is lurking in the shadows, likely attempting to lull the others into a false sense of security by not divulging his donation total too early.

From here till the end of the month I’ll be posting daily updates. If you’d like to vote with your wallet (and help defeat MS) please use one of the following links.

My donation page:

Join the team page/see the other contestants:

Now, while I’ve got your attention: Should I become Larry Niven?

Larry Niven

Mob Movie Night: Lavender Drizzle

Project Lavender Drizzle

Mobsters & Staff: Be aware that special project Lavender Drizzle is go for this Friday.

If you would like to be in attendance simply check-in at this link, then have your wits, popcorn, and internet connection on hand February 26th at approximately 9PM EDT.

Balticon 50/Kar’WickCon 2016

Balticon 49/KarWickCon2015

Skinner Co. will most definitely be at Balticon 50: The suite is booked and we’re already drafting the necessary board game lists.

We’ll be at the Downtown Inner Harbour Residence Inn from the 26th to the 30th. As usual you can expect a live FC recording, an Mob Movie Night, and copious amounts of snacks. We won’t have the extra room we had last year, but we’ll still have the kitchenette and plenty of seating.

I’m not sure how many panels we’ll be attending – The Shadow Agenda will follow when we have more details – but I suspect the plan is to touch GRRM once and then run away to toss as many dice as possible.

Who’s coming?

The Mob Movie League: Endings and Beginnings

The force should have napped.
The signup thread for the next round of the Mob Movie League is now up!

Join us in whiling away the barren months of winter with cinematic trash talk.

That said, the MML’s Fall 2015 season has also come to its end. It was close, but The Force Awakened and even Jay’s choice of Point Break wasn’t enough to cripple his score. Mr. Falkner put up a valiant fight, but had to contend with a once-in-a-decade sort of movie release. I believe the new Star Wars flicks will continue to make money (this one certainly isn’t done doing so) but each release will take some of the impetus out of the theater experience.

Congrats Jay! I’ve already harassed Jessica about the fact that she owes you a variety of prizes.

Mandatory Cosplay Wednesday: The Greatest Day?

We didn’t win an award last week – we didn’t even release most of our regularly scheduled episodes – yet it was one of the greatest in my podcasting career.

Most of the blame lies squarely on Wednesday’s shoulders. Somehow, without warning, it was Mandatory Cosplay Wednesday over in The Mob, and it was fantastic.

How fantastic?

Here, let me show you:

Hugh as Arsène Lupin IIIHugh as Arsène Lupin III

Jay as The Invisible ManJay as the Invisible Man

JMay as TinaJMay as Tina

Jurd as BatmanJurd as Batman

Lauren as Night NurseLauren as Night Nurse

Mobster Mildred as Undercover NikitaMobster Mildred as Undercover Nikita

Nutty as Wonder WomanNutty as Wonder Woman

Paul as Wikus Van De Merwe Stage 1 on a budgetPaul as Wikus Van De Merwe Stage 1 on a budget

P-Tone as ScorpionP-Tone as Scorpion

Rich the TT as Arthur DentRich the Time Traveller as Arthur Dent

Scott Roche as The DoctorScott Roche as The Doctor

Shade as Roland the GunslingerShade as Roland the Gunslinger

Anneliese as Dorothy and Vader as TotoAnneliese as Dorothy and Vader as Toto

Christina as The DoctorChristina as The Doctor

Doc Blue as Tony Stark
Doc Blue as Tony Stark

Emby as Natasha StarkEmby as Natasha Stark

Gigantor as Wise KingGigantor as Wise King

Grace as Pansy ParkinsonGrace as Pansy Parkinson

Joining us next month?

Kindergarten Cop 2 Exclusive Preview

Skinner Co. is proud to present a teaser preview for the upcoming Dolph Lundgren film.

Announcement: A Word with Mr. Six

Skinner Co. takes the ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Staff Reminder: Rat Race

Skinner Co. Staff Announcement