Where is Flash Pulp?

When you’re social distancing but khajiit still has wares

There is about a novel’s worth of FP left. I have always attempted to keep up the façade of a disjointed collection of pulp issues in our presentation – experimental and messy in places; jumping around in time like they were collected from a flea market dime bin.

I have, as mentioned on the FlashCast, intentionally emulated the monster-of-the-week format versus the plot heavy X-Files seasons.

The truth, though, is that I’m incredibly grateful to those of you who have stuck around to see the conclusion, and I want to do the backlog, and years of effort, justice.

I hope I don’t screw that up by bringing in the heavy hand of continuity, but we’ve spent 550+ episodes asking questions, and now the answers are due.

In a week, when my notebook is in order, we’ll start our last, long, road trip with Bunny.

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