About Skinner Co.

Skinner Co. is a three-person podcasting powerhouse of creativity and unexpected dance moves. We write, narrate, illustrate, and sing, as needed, all of which lends itself well to our current main project, Flash Pulp.

Soon, however, the tentacles of our family enterprise will extend beyond our pulp tales and into your heart.

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  1. Brian

    I’m very sorry that I’m sending you a message that you probably never expected to get… I’m a first-year college student and as a part-time job I’m working for a small media production studio specializing in podcast editing. Have you ever thought about outsourcing the production of your podcast so that you could free up some of your precious time to create great content for your show instead of messing with sound editing? What our studio does is take your podcast recordings, edit out the parts that you don’t need, mix in your intro, outro, music, etc., normalize volume level and insert ID3 tags. Our rate is 8 bucks per episode and turnaround is 24 hours. And your very first episode is on us.

    Additionally, we take tremendous pride in providing unlimited revision for every episode at no charge in case you’re not completely satisfied with our work.

    Again I’m so sorry for bothering you, and I’ll take you off our contact list now so we won’t reach out to you again unless you are interested in giving our services a try.

    Hope you have a great Wednesday 🙂


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