Jackfish: The Game

Jackfish in the 1930s

Welcome, travelers.

You have already had a long night on a lonely northern highway on a Greyhound bus. You were trying to snatch a few moments of sleep among a crowd of strangers when the light appeared – the helicopter seemed silent, but you all heard the booming voice that came from its loudspeaker.

“Pull off the road. Debark the bus.”

Your driver, his name tag reading ‘Timothy,’ obeyed.

The instructions came next: “You will all be kept here, in the ruins of the abandoned town of Jackfish, until Jackie Hinge is discovered. You will act as detectives, discovering which of you is not who they claim. Each day you will vote, and that person will die – until we are sure Hinge is dead.”

Some argued that it was all nonsense, that it was a setup for TV or YouTube, but, at dawn, a traitor stepped forward.

“My name is Leroy Perch,” said the man, “and I was sent here to kill you. I just got the call an hour before I got on the bus, but I know there are at least three others like me – members of the Foreign Expeditionary Force. I know there are probably only three, because if there were any more we would have been ordered to kill you outright. If they get rid of enough of you though.. no, forget Hinge, use your vote to find the FEF, because at night, while you sleep, they sure as hell are coming for you – but remember, the guys up in that helicopter don’t know who’s who, they’ll just shoot whoever you point at.

“This isn’t how I signed up to serve my country – I’m not murdering innocents, and I’m not Hinge.

Turning his face to the sky he shouted his words at the hovering black dot above. “I’M NOT HINGE, AND I REFUSE TO PLAY.”

A brief hum sounded, followed by a brief burst of thunder.

Leroy’s torso collapsed to the ground, then, a moment later, so did his legs.

“We are not playing,” announced the voice. “Now start your investigations.”

* * *

I will update this page daily with a link out to that day’s voting page. I’ll keep previous days linked, so people can reference them, but having a fresh page for each day will help keep the voting organized.

Don’t feel pressured to do any roleplaying, your profile details are just for fun. I do ask, though, that you only post your comments/votes under your adopted character name. (To keep people guessing about who is who.)

Votes will be tallied each day at 5PM ET. Our 3 FEF Members will receive a separate link where they can do their night time murder voting. (Vote whenever, but the tallying be done, and the death announced, at 9AM.)