Jackfish – Day 4

Stormy Superior

Sometime after midnight the wind begins to pick up. The clouds above grow heavy and dark, blotting out the moon and stars, yet they refuse to burst. The waves begin to pound the shore, and the trees sway with the wind.

You hope that, if nothing else, the faceless killers in the helicopter – or helicopters – are having a hell of a ride.

It seems as if the group can’t decide – do they want to be as far as possible from a potential killer, or would they rather keep their enemies close?

There are moments of vulnerability though, moments too human to avoid. Nina disappears briefly from the group, a muttered comment about needing to use the little girls’ bushes snatched from her lips by the wind, and then disappears into the darkness.

It is perhaps twenty minutes later when the first muttered suggestion is raised, and thirty when a small search party is formed.

They do not need to go far – she is just around the corner of the bus, apparently having been intercepted only seconds after leaving the groups’ line of sight. She, herself, will see nothing more – one of her own fine-typed paint brushes has pierced her left eye, and her brain.

Day 4 begins.

Innocents: 5
FEF: 3

21 Responses to Jackfish – Day 4

  1. Elwood Dulka

    “Wait, does this mean that Elenore was not FEF? And nether was Nina? Oh god, what have you people done? I told you we didn’t have enough information! Thomas and Anya, you both voted for Elenore. How do we know you’re not FEF and voted for someone you KNEW wasn’t FEF? Can I vote for both of them to be cast out?”

    Elwood takes a deep shuddering breath and wipes his nose on his sleeve. “Oh god, what am I even saying? I’m just so scared. Can’t we just find Hinge and end this whole nightmare?”

  2. Eddie Mitchum

    Eddie eyes Thomas and furrows his brow as he thinks back. “You know, Tim may have listed you first, but Anya had been going after Elenore for two days straight. I’m picking her today.”

    “If she is FEF, then I think we need to look at Tim first. If not…” He trails off for a few seconds. “…well, I guess then it depends on how the FEF feels about their odds three on three. I don’t like the sound of it.”

  3. I’m going to extend voting till 7pm, as I did start the day quite late.

  4. Anya

    Anya still has Martin’s book in her hands, her phone long forgotten since there is no way to charge it. “How have I been going after her?” She askes in dismay.

    “She singled out Natashia who didn’t like her just because of her boots and she was killed. Martin grew suspicious of her and he was killed. It only made sense that she would have been the one doing the killing. She admitted to being in the Canadian Forces, she would have had the skills to do it.” Anya’s breath quickens in fear and her voice begins to quaver.

    “I called her out in a fit of hysterics. I’m so sorry that I did. I was horribly wrong. I’m just really scared.” She clutches the book to her chest as of it is a life preserver and she is drowning. “I’m tired of all of this death. First my mother, and now this. I just want to go home.”

  5. Thomas

    “I don’t know anything about this FEF balderdash, I’m just a simple fisherman, trying to make sense of this all.” Thomas hangs his head in shame. “I’m so desperate I’m jumping to conclusions….”

  6. Tim

    Tim turns on Elwood. “I voted Elenore? I’m sorry my friend, but you haven’t got your facts straight. I said I suspicious, but you know as well as I do that I’ve not cast a vote against anyone.”

    Addressing the group again, Tim focuses on Eddie. “I agree, going over my notes, I think Anya most consistently worked against Elenore. But what does that mean?” He shrugs uncomfortably. “I dunno…but something still bothers me about Thomas. What exactly is, or WAS your profession, Thomas?”

  7. Thomas Blight

    “Was? Ha ha ha, lady when you’re born on the coast fishing, you die on the coast fishing. All I’ve ever been is a fisherman, granted I’ve been fishing all over the world, but it’s the same thing in Japan as it is here.”

  8. Elwood Dulka

    “Tim, I said that Thomas voted for Elenore. Do you have a guilty conscience or are you just bad at taking notes?”

  9. Tim

    Tim shakes his head. “I’m sorry Elwood. I must have heard you wrong. This has really got me scared.”

  10. Thomas

    “I feel like Tim has been playing a game with us, sowing confusion, but committing to nothing. He drove us here, has fingered all the victims casting doubt where there wasn’t any to start with, then begs innocence as we follow his leadership. Tim, I thought it was between you and Elenor, and I said as much yesterday, you’re words moved me to…. make a terrible mistake. I suspect this may mean my death, but I can’t remain silent, I’m putting you on the top of my list. Convince me otherwise, or attempt to save yourself by diverting the others to kill me.”

  11. Tim

    Tim stamps his foot. “But we’re almost out of time again. We have to pick someone. I don’t know if I shoudl be keeping an eye on Anya or not, but I don’t trust Thomas and I am voting for him.

  12. Tim

    “Does anyone care to convince me otherwise?” Tim looks about the crowd

  13. Tim

    Tim rounds on Thomas. “we’re looking for this Jackie Hinge person, and so far all you’ve told us is that you like to fish. You got close to elenore, who is dead, and you’ve fingered me; the only one consistently gathering and sharing information. You don’t think that’s a little strange?” He huffs.

    “Yesterday you pointed the finger of suspicion at me, but refused to actually commit to it, saying that if you were right then you would be killed…and here you are, still in perfect health, yet somehow I am still the enemy…?”

  14. Anya

    Anya glares at Thomas, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears, “You are awfully lucid right now Thomas. Have you been playing us this entire time? “

  15. Anya

    “I still think you are Hinge. I’m voting for you too,” Anya continues.


    Anya by Eddie: 1
    Thomas by Tim and Anya: 2

    The helicopter hovers uncertainly, hoping that the debate will break one way or the other. At the last second, Anya levels a finger at Thomas. Before anymore debate can sound, thunder rings out, and the old fisherman crumples.

    Dusk falls.

    FEF: 3
    Innocents: 4

  17. If the innocents are outnumbered by the FEF, the innocents will perish – so basically the innocents have one more day to find a traitor.

  18. Thomas

    “See as I said. I point to Tim. You’re playing us all for fools.”

  19. Thomas

    “Mark my possible last words, this Tim character is now going to convince you to kill me, and you’ll all be dead.” Thomas looks at them all individually, catching their eyes one by one. “I’m an innocent, and if you kill me that will hang on your souls for the rest of your lives, just like my mistake yesterday.”

  20. Thomas

    “There’s others here in the room, speak up! Don’t let Tim and his cronies win!”

  21. Dead Thomas

    Said as a ghost…. didn’t load properly I didn’t know I was dead.

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