Balticon 50/Kar’WickCon 2016

Balticon 49/KarWickCon2015

Skinner Co. will most definitely be at Balticon 50: The suite is booked and we’re already drafting the necessary board game lists.

We’ll be at the Downtown Inner Harbour Residence Inn from the 26th to the 30th. As usual you can expect a live FC recording, an Mob Movie Night, and copious amounts of snacks. We won’t have the extra room we had last year, but we’ll still have the kitchenette and plenty of seating.

I’m not sure how many panels we’ll be attending – The Shadow Agenda will follow when we have more details – but I suspect the plan is to touch GRRM once and then run away to toss as many dice as possible.

Who’s coming?


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6 Responses to Balticon 50/Kar’WickCon 2016

  1. Rich the TT

    Attending? No. There needs to be panels you are on.

    Stamped it.

    • jrdskinner

      I like the idea, but the shifting leadership at the con may make it difficult. I’ve also heard tales from other podcasters that it’s difficult to get a decent slot unless you’re very genre specific.

  2. Jaxberry

    Most likely will not due to a Madrid of reasons sadly…

  3. Melissa (My words and pages)

    I’m trying to find a hotel with a swimming pool to convince by kiddo to go with me. He could be my traveling buddy since I don’t have anyone else to go with this year. I told him I’d like his decision this week so I can get the room before they are all gone. I don’t want to force him to go as it’ll be miserable for both of us. But keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to pass this year.

    • jrdskinner

      Here’s hoping you’re persuasive! Failing that we could always simulate a pool by setting up some lounge chairs in the Skinner Co. suite’s bathroom and dropping a chlorine puck in the tub?

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