Monday Mystery: A Terminal Encounter

Women at Airport

Note: Last time Colorado Joe chose a HARD mystery.

The Case:

At an airport luggage carousel, Cathi strikes up a conversation with Liz Perry. Liz tries to avoid Cathi, but Cathi insists on talking. Later, Liz takes a taxi home, while Cathi boards a plane to Paris. A week later, Liz dies at home. On returning to the US, Cathi is charged with her murder.

The Mystery:

How did Cathi kill Liz, and why?

The Solution:

Before their chat at the airport, Cathi and Liz had never met. But they did have a common friend – Liz’s husband, Ed. Cathi recently had an affair with Ed, and went crazy when Ed broke it off. The unsuspecting Liz, a frequent traveler on business, figured prominently in Cathi’s plan for revenge.

On their final tryst at the Perry house, Cathi sneaked into Liz’s bathroom and dropped a dose of strychnine into her cough medicine. That same day Cathi purposely set out to catch a cold. By the time Liz arrived at the airport after a business trip, Cathi was coughing, hacking, and sneezing up a storm. She tracked Liz to the baggage carousel and struck up a conversation with her. Liz tried to avoid the chatty, infectious stranger, but Cathi coughed on her until her bags came down the chute.

The next week, Cathi was in Paris with an alibi while Liz was pouring herself an odd-smelling dose of cough medicine. At first police suspected Ed – just what Cathi had planned for her double revenge. It was only after Ed confessed to his affair with the crazed Cathi that police began looking for the person who gave Liz her cold.

Hint #1: Theirs was a five hanky conversation
Hint #2: Revenge is a dish best served cold


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Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.


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54 Responses to Monday Mystery: A Terminal Encounter

  1. Jake

    Did everyone end up with their own luggage?

  2. Ed Murphy

    Is what Cathy said relevant?

  3. Ed Murphy

    Is either Paris or the US city relevant?

  4. Jay

    She had covid, didn’t she.

  5. Anna Vizard

    Was Cathty a sneaky poisoner at the luggage carousel?

  6. Colorado Joe

    Did Liz die of poisoning?

  7. Colorado Joe

    Did Liz die of an infectious disease?

  8. Colorado Joe

    Did Liz die because she stopped taking needed medication?

  9. Colorado Joe

    Did Cathy give Liz anything?

  10. Wow, you guys are on the right track way faster than I expected.

  11. Melissa

    Did Cathy slip poison into her toiletry bag.

  12. Colorado Joe

    Did Cathi give Liz a business card?

  13. Jeffrey

    Did she give her the zombie virus?

  14. Jay

    Was the poison on an object given to the victim?

  15. Jake

    Did Liz and Cathy know each other before meeting at the airport?

  16. Jay

    Replace the tricky word “on” with “in”?

  17. Colorado Joe

    Did Cathi say something that made Liz cry?

  18. Jay

    So the poison was on a handkerchief, that was given to the victim because they were crying?

  19. Jake

    Was Liz having an affair with Cathy’s partner?

  20. Melissa

    Did Cathy give Liz a cold but switched the pain meds in her toiletries to poison pills?
    That would at least explain the week delay (incubation period).

  21. Anna Vizard

    Was Cathy a flight attendent?

  22. encaf1

    Was Cathi selling or giving away cosmetics?

  23. How did Cathi kill Liz, and why?

  24. encaf1

    So, Cathi was having an affair with Liz’s partner?

  25. encaf1

    Did Cathi complain that she had a headache, and ask for pain medication?

  26. Melissa

    Did Cathy give Liz a cold but switched the pain meds in her toiletries to poison pills because she was having an affair with Liz’s partner and wanted him/her all to herself!

  27. Colorado Joe

    Nice job, Melissa (and all)!

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