Monday Murder: Beach Bummer

A bright beach

Note: Last time Encaf1 chose a medium mystery.

The Case:

Bonnie is found dead on a beach. Upon investigating a nearby motel room, police arrest Clyde, its occupant, for her murder. Among the incriminating evidence are a partially-used bottle of sleeping pills, white paint, and a brush.

The Mystery:

How was Bonnie murdered?

The Solution:

Bonnie and her husband Clyde were vacationing in Myrtle Beach while Bonnie participated in yet another beauty contest. The night before, while Bonnie was in for a facial, Clyde visited the motel bar. There he overheard the upcoming contest’s emcee reciting the names of the contestants who were trying to influence him with sexual favors. Near the top of the list was (you guessed it) Clyde’s wife, Bonnie!

Seething with anger, Clyde returned to the motel room with a tube of white acrylic paint and a bottle of #2 sunscreen. He then secretly painted a “0” after the “2” on the sunscreen’s label.

The next morning, before Bonnie left for her first sunbathing session on the beach, Clyde slipped three sleeping pills into her coffee. He then convinced her to use the “20” sunscreen “to protect her skin.” Bonnie drank the coffee, slathered on the sunscreen, and hit the beach, where she immediately fell fast asleep for several hours. Bonnie died of a third-degree sunburn – and Clyde took the heat.

Hint #1: Clyde took liberties with a label
Hint #2: Clyde was burned up at Bonnie; his revenge burned Bonnie up, too


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Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.


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38 Responses to Monday Murder: Beach Bummer

  1. Raygan

    Where the sleeping pills in her system when she died?

  2. Were pebbles painted white?

  3. Raygan

    Did Bonnie have any white paint on her?

  4. Ed Murphy

    Is Clyde guilty?
    Is the beach relevant?
    Is the color of the paint relevant?
    Is the bottle painted?

  5. We’re the pills painted white?


    Was Bonnie’s cause of death drowning?


    Was Bonnie wearing a wet suit when she was found?

  8. Ed Murphy

    Did Bonnie die of overdosing on the sleeping pills?

  9. Did she die from poison (not necessarily the medication)?


    Was Bonnie sunburned?


    Did Clyde disguise her bottle of sleeping pills so that she would take them and fall asleep on the beach, eventually succumbing to heat stroke?

  12. Jay

    Did she think the sleeping pills were Tylenol, because the bottle was painted white?


    Were the sleeping pills in the bottle ground up?

  14. Ed Murphy

    Was the brush a paintbrush?

  15. Raygan

    Bonnie liked to paint on the beach. She probably, like all painters, licked her paintbrush to form a point or accidentally drank from the cup the brush was cleaned in. (I have done this myself many times in the past) The sleeping pills were crushed up and mixed in with her white paint.
    That is how the pills got into her system. She eventually fell asleep and died of heatstroke/sunburn.

  16. Was part of the label on the pill bottle painted over, like the warnings?

  17. Jake

    Was Bonnie’s bottle of sunscreen tampered with?

  18. How was Bonnie murdered?

  19. Hugh

    Clyde replaced her sunscreen with ground up sleeping pills, then altered the label to ensure that she would pass out long enough for the elements to do her in?

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