Monday Mystery: Jack Knifed

Bloody Knife

Note: Last time Jonathan Woodard chose an easy mystery.

The Case:

A teenager is taking her regular shortcut to school when she comes upon a gruesome sight in the woods. Lying on the path is the body of her neighbour, Jack Cutnick, with a bloody knife protruding from his chest. The girl runs away in fear, but returns to the site with the police. Jack’s body has disappeared and all that remains are a few drops of his blood.

The police never find the body. A month later, however, they serve a search warrant on Archie Gore, a traveling salesman who lives 50 miles away. Hidden in his garage are Jack’s bloody clothing, his wedding ring, and a photo of Jack with his arms around Archie’s wife. The police arrest Archie, but not for murder.

The Solution:

The police didn’t arrest Archie for murder because Archie and Jack were the same person. Archie was leading a double life, with two wives who completely unaware of each other’s existence. Archie was a traveling salesman, giving the bigamist husband the perfect excuse for periodic absences.

Archie decided to simplify his life and do away with his alter ego. He staged the murder so that “Jack’s” wife could collect on his new insurance policy. Archie knew that his young neighbor was the only one who walked through the woods at that time of day, and correctly assumed that she would run to get help.

When Jack’s photo appeared on the news, a neighbor of Archie’s noticed the resemblance and called the police. They couldn’t arrest Archive for murder, but they DID arrest him for insurance fraud and bigamy.

The Mystery:

What happened to Jack and why did the police arrest Archie?

Hint #1: Archie was trying to simplify his life
Hint #2: 06.05.2020


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Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.


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20 Responses to Monday Mystery: Jack Knifed

  1. Jake

    Are Archie and Jack the same person?

  2. Was the warrent issued in connection to Jack’s death?

  3. Colorado Linda

    Does the crime involve a life insurance policy?

  4. Colorado Linda

    Was Jack married to another woman besides his wife as Archie?

  5. Colorado Joe

    Was the person the teenager saw Archie/Jack?

  6. Colorado Joe

    Was the body the teenager saw really dead?

  7. What happened to Jack and why did the police arrest Archie?

  8. Colorado Linda

    I think Archie set himself up as Jack in order to take out a life insurance on Jack with himself (Archie) as the beneficiary. He then staged Jacks death so he could claim the life insurance.

  9. Colorado Linda


  10. Colorado Linda

    Well Hot Dog! Let’s try another medium one next. Thanks!

  11. Solution is up! (Sorry, Endgame is a looooong movie. 😉 )

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