NtS010 – David Jones

NtS010 - David Jones

In which we discuss the life and death of Mr. Bowie.

Quote from Mr. Pop
Quote from Carol Queen, former Baby Groupie


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2 Responses to NtS010 – David Jones

  1. For me it falls into the same bucket as the often-submitted and debated “Lovecraft was a racist” gig, or pick any other similar ‘Hero was a Monster too’ story; Many people are a blend of stuff to varying degrees along the spectra. Some mix differently than others. A recent quote which I almost remember, but will incorrectly relate (heard recently uttered by someone in my feed I no longer recall), was something to the effect of “It’s not this person we revere; it’s the fact that they, by way of their art, assisted us knowing ourselves better; and that’s the loss we mourn.” You can lament the loss of that beacon without sanctifying a public figure above the brokenness of their humanity. You are obligated neither to glorify nor to demonize someone, while still permitted to feel sadness that something special and helpful and wonderful has dimmed with their passing. Convoluted moment, to be sure.

    • jrdskinner

      Excellent points. If we’re to learn what’s admirable from someone so complicated, I suppose we should also be reminded of what’s abhorrent.

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