The Mob Movie League: Endings and Beginnings

The force should have napped.
The signup thread for the next round of the Mob Movie League is now up!

Join us in whiling away the barren months of winter with cinematic trash talk.

That said, the MML’s Fall 2015 season has also come to its end. It was close, but The Force Awakened and even Jay’s choice of Point Break wasn’t enough to cripple his score. Mr. Falkner put up a valiant fight, but had to contend with a once-in-a-decade sort of movie release. I believe the new Star Wars flicks will continue to make money (this one certainly isn’t done doing so) but each release will take some of the impetus out of the theater experience.

Congrats Jay! I’ve already harassed Jessica about the fact that she owes you a variety of prizes.

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