#HappyBirthDIE: An Explanation (Send Help?)

#HappyBirthDIE: An Explanation


If you’re reading this you’ve found a writer typing to you from within the shadowy frame of one of his own terror tales. Specifically, for the past few weeks I have been kept in the dark by the two people I care for the most: Opop and JMay.

I hear whispers behind closed doors. Eyes watch me closely until I exit the room. I have even been denied access to areas of my own home.

What exactly have they been plotting? Hard to say, though they claim it’s related to my birthday.

As the secrecy continues I cannot help but wonder just what nefarious surprises they have in store. As such, I’m leaving this message-in-a-bottle in case I do not survive the Halloween season. I’ll also use the #HappyBirthDIE tag here and on Twitter to leave what breadcrumb trail I might, while I might.

Oh sure, I may sound paranoid, and I cannot deny their cheery demeanor, but would it not be so in the most egregious horror story? Doesn’t it seem all the more likely that such would be the case if I were to awaken to a pair of nail clippers coming at my eyelids as a smiling loved one tells me not to struggle against my bonds and hits play on a VHS clip tape highlighting my failures as a human?

I’ll keep you posted.

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