Sing-a-Song-on-Sunday-ish: Gorecki (Lamb Cover)

Jessica May - Gorecki (Lamb Cover)
Since JMay had fortified herself behind a wall of denial, while bombarding me with double-handfuls of excuses, I figured I’d just put this out there and let The Mob provide proper feedback.

Leave a comment and let Lady May know what you think!


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15 Responses to Sing-a-Song-on-Sunday-ish: Gorecki (Lamb Cover)

  1. Wow, JMay! That is freaking AWESOME! You go, chica!

  2. Doc Blue

    Wonderfully ethereal and incredibly executed!
    A real masterpiece JMay!

  3. Emby

    JMay! That was beautiful! I am not familiar with the original tune, but I’m quite sure that you blew it out of the water! Bravo.

  4. MPAT

    That was great!!

  5. tibbi

    I found this to be very nice.

  6. Mildred

    It’s great to hear you singing!

  7. I adore Lamb and all things trip hop – that’s a fine cover. Added to my trip hop playlist with thanks!

  8. On more for the playlist! w00t!

  9. Patticakes

    *speechless* Seriously. Just. Wow. You are amazing.

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