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Junk Thought

Children of Spock

Listen: A man of our age has left us. A man with enough charisma and talent to boldly step onto a television stage with large prosthetic ears while still selling the notion that he was the most serious being on screen. Nimoy did not stand alone in creating Spock, many folks had their hands on … Continue reading »

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The Many Deaths of Mœbius

I’m witnessing the future happen before my eyes. When I was a youth the ground was thick with death rumours regarding the celebrities of the time. I seem to recall Marilyn Manson having died at least thrice of overdose, and Eddie Murphy was, I believe, in at least one fatal car crash. It was easy … Continue reading »

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We Are All The Same Inside

In theory I’m behind the Proud Whopper, Burger King’s attempt to align themselves with the LGBTQ community. The more love the better – but, well, I find there’s something weird about the message (pictured above) inside the wrapper. “We’re all the same inside:” it seems to say, “Meat. Fatty, flame licked meat to be consumed … Continue reading »

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