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Ghost Vibes

Ghost Vibes

Last night our own @GBonemeal decided to write a “lo-fi ambient ghost album” for Halloween. It’s quite fun, you should check it out.

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A Review of Crystal Pepsi

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A Brief, but Adorable, Tale of Violence

Yesterday Mr. Eight overheard a kid telling his older sister that his Mom was a pig.

Enraged, he immediately sought out JMay, as she was actually at elsewhere at the school lunch ladying.

Nearly in tears, he recounted what he’d heard.

JMay gave him the patient, “well, he may call me fat but should I start crying? I can’t let the opinions of others change how I feel about myself…,” yadda, yadda, yadda.

Then she went and found the kid, because fuck that.

Stella, being the recipient of the comment, knew immediately why her mother had wandered into her hallway.

“Is this about the joke?”

They were telling Yo Mama jokes – no offense was intended, as with all ten-year-olds their standup routines just sucked.

“Ooooooh,” said JMay, and then she went about her day.

Except she got busy and didn’t have time that afternoon to loop back to Mr. Eight.

Punch-OutNow, you’ve got to understand that this is a boy who still wears feety pajamas with very little coaxing. He’s as gentle as a breeze cooling a dove perched on an olive branch.

– but, man, that child loves his moms.

By the end of the day he’d worked himself into quite a head of steam about it. At final bell he actually gave the kid unyielding jock shoulder in the hallway, then basically started trying to rouse him into a fight.

Fortunately a neighbour kid did his best Gene Okerlund and kept the two apart.

Eight came home a sweaty teary mess, and then we had to explain Yo Mama jokes to him. (We also underlined that, even if the offender had meant what he’d said, violence was not the answer.)

Once he understood what had happened he felt bad and said he would apologize.

The point, I suppose, is: If you’ve been sitting on some prime Mom jokes all these years, apparently eight-year-olds should be your target audience.

Just be ready in case they take a swing.

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Who You Gonna Call? (Skinner Co.)

We’ll be recording FC133 tonight!

Comments on recent stories? Rants regarding a FlashCast? Questions about Skinner Co.? Unsettling giggling in your basement?

Email us!

FlashCast 133

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Bacon Man’s Prize Unboxing

Thank you, sir!

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Skinner Co. PSA Regarding the Airwolf Theme

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We Wonder

Themysciran Air Force

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Flash Pulp Blockheads

Flash Pulp 002 - The Well Dressed Man by Nick Tyler
The amazing Nick Tyler, of Captain Pigheart fame, has created another of his brilliant Lego illustrations, this one a scene from Flash Pulp 002 – The Well Dressed Man.

Check out the full gallery!

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Our Parsec Nomination: We Need Your Help!

Parsec Awards

Mobsters & Skinner Co. Employees,

Some lovely member of the Mob has nominated Flash Pulp for a Parsec in the Story category! While this is fantastic news, it leaves us in the awkward position of having to pick our favourite child – and that’s where you can help.

Do you happen to recall a Skinner Co. science fiction or fantasy tale, from this last year, that you found particularly enjoyable? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.


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Bulletin: Manticore Handling & Care

This is a manticore free workspaceManagement is often asked how employees should undertake handling and caring for manticores.

Our answer? Don’t.

As a reminder, our Podcast Review Dept. Head, Scott Roche, has put together this printable PDF poster.

Please update and re-post your count daily.

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