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We apologize for the instability of the site over the last 24 hours. We’re undertaking some upgrades and they accidentally knocked the gyros out of alignment.

Things should only stabilize from here.

Update: The reactor core for the comments system has been entirely replaced. Replies should now land without interruption. Next step is to open the registration system so people aren’t having to punch in their credentials with every post.

CCR42 Maintenance Note

[Update: Fixed!]

Congratulations: If you have already downloaded A Shriek in the Night, you’ve received a limited edition Mp3 with, unfortunately, unlistenable levels.

We apologize for the SNAFU, a freshly minted release will be up shortly.

– The Board                                                            

Slow Zombies

Ruby Departed

To be clear, I have not stumbled off at the conclusion of our Ruby six-parter.

The finale is largely complete, but I want to be sure everything is perfectly sliced for your consumption. This meaty episode will land in your feed tomorrow, but in the meantime I recommend sinking your teeth into the previous five episodes to get your brain around where we’re at.

A Brief Interlude

Contagion by Joel Amat Guell
Don’t panic, there’s just a minor outbreak of eye-vomiting and bloody toes about the Skinner Co. offices, and thus our Narratrix’s voice is out of commission. This next episode has been a few hundred releases in the making, and we’d really like it to land at full strength.

Regular broadcasts to resume shortly, in the meantime send hazmat suits and paper towels.

Testing the Remote Broadcast System


This is a Test

In the case of a real post there would be considerably more gibbering and panic in this section.