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CCR Homework: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Yes, we actually watched a decent movie this week. Prepare for Wednesday’s conversation by watching this undead classic.

CCR Homework: The Monster Walks (1932)

One dark and stormy night the chrononauts were forced to watch something awful…

CCR Homework: The Monster Maker

It’s time to prepare for the upcoming episode on 1944’s The Monster Maker, AKA Puffy Frankenstein, AKA It’s Glands, Again

CCR Homework: Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

There’s no fresh Chrononaut Cinema Review this week, but prepare yourself for the impending arrival of the Monster (well, three monsters) from a Prehistoric (not actually) Planet (it’s just an island.)

CCR Homework: Metropolis (1927)

Take in this confused masterpiece ahead of the chrononaut’s discussion.

CCR Homework: Maniac (1934)

Brought to you by the Chicago Crime Commission.

CCR Homework: The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

See the carnivorous plant before the Chrononaut Cinema Reviews crew chews over the lesser of the horrific shops.

CCR Homework: The Last Man On Earth (1964)

See it now, discuss it later!

CCR Homework: King of the Zombies

We really can’t recommend letting this film eat your brain.

CCR Homework: The Indestructible Man

Squint your way through this monstrosity, and if our vocal cords haven’t been burnt out by booze/electricity the Chrononaut Cinema Reviewers will return shortly to discuss it.