Jackfish: The Game

Jackfish in the 1930s

Would you be interested in participating in a variant of Werewolf/Mafia set in the Jackfish universe? (No prior knowledge of the book will be expected.)

If so simply drop your name in the comments and we’ll get back to you with details.


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8 Responses to Jackfish: The Game

  1. Ed Murphy

    Sure why not

  2. Jake

    I could use a fun distraction! I’m in!

  3. Opope

    I’m down for playing or helping run things

  4. I’m hoping to begin June 1st, but I’ll also have to harangue some more players. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. I had hoped to ramp this up over the weekend and push some more “volunteers” into playing, but, unfortunately, my aunt died rather unexpectedly. It’s a complicated topic, but in the end it meant I was in no real condition to wrangle folks into playing a game.

    So, new plan: The murders begin on the 8th.

    Thankee for your patience.

  6. Melissa

    Count me in please!

  7. Profiles will be going out tomorrow. (Details on how to play will be included.) First vote will be Wednesday at 5PM!

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