Mob Movie League: Spring 2020

Spring 2020 Movies

It has begun! Finally!

(Yes, we’ve basically skipped the winter season – I apologize, but due to health concerns among extended family members, and the related fallout, it fell off my plate entirely.)

Everyone will be able to select 4 films during the draft, and 1 wildcard pick during the ongoing season.

As always critical score (50% of a film’s total) is locked to Rotten Tomatoes %.

Box Office (the other 50%) will be pulled from BoxOfficeMojo and converted into a % of 2019’s top 10 films.

59 responses to “Mob Movie League: Spring 2020

  1. I’m in! Maybe I’ll pick better this time around.

  2. Somehow I’ve missed this.. so yeah sure i’m up for it.

  3. Sure why not

  4. Yes please!

  5. If you’ve not started picking yet, can I still join?

  6. TikTok…..

  7. Here we go, here we go!

    Do some research then shout out your pick!

  8. Black Widow is my first selection

  9. After much deliberation I guess I’ll take Quiet Place Part 2. Now watch it totally bomb.

  10. Yikes, I need to brush up on my upcoming releases!
    Birds of Prey because Margot Robbie’s Harley was very popular and it’s practically the perfect V-Day movie…

  11. Trolls World Tour for sure! The trailer has already been on repeat at our house for a few weeks.

  12. No Time To Die

  13. I’ll take Call of the Wild. Feel like nostalgia for Harrison is ripe enough right now.

  14. I’ll make a foolish decision based on my heart and take The New Mutants as my first pick, and a gamble on the Disney money machine with Artemis Fowl.

  15. Fantasy Island (why not?)

  16. Irresistible please!

  17. Onward please!! Eeeekk Tom Holland haha! It’s hard not to love him….

  18. I guess give me Scoob!

  19. Bloodshot

  20. Slim pickins. I guess I’ll pick SpongeBob simply because Keanu is in it.

  21. I ask to add and select “Come to daddy” and “Portrait of a lady on fire” for my roster.

  22. Peter rabbit because I actually want to see that ine

  23. I’ll go with The Secret Garden.

  24. Uhhh idk… Emma I guess

  25. Noooooooo!

  26. Promising Young Woman – the trailer looks interesting and it kinda keeps in line with Birds of Prey

  27. Monster Problems

  28. The Lovebirds

  29. To end the third round I’ll pick The Woman in the Window, because I suspect it may actually turn out to be a decent film.

    For my fourth I’ll take Spiral, because who doesn’t want to see Chris Rock reboot the Saw franchise?

  30. Now I’m sad I didn’t look more into Spiral. But I’ll take the Personal History of David Copperfield for Dev Patel.

  31. The Invisible Man

  32. Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always please

  33. My Spy, thank you! Sorry about the wait!

  34. Uhh antebellum I guess

  35. The way back

  36. Horse girl

  37. I will go with “Tokyo Godfathers” as my head nod to Jason Banks.

  38. First update is in place!

    Feel free to scream out your wildcard picks. First to name it means first to claim it.

    We also have some initial entries for the ‘injured’ list:

    Jay – Tokyo Godfathers is an older movie that’s being re-released in 4k, so it’s outside the release window.

    Melissa – Monster Problems has been pushed back to 2021

  39. Alright I guess I’ll take photograph

  40. Well if Tokyo is out my wild card was going to be “Wild Goose Lake”, I’ll put that one in for the injured then.

  41. First Cow please!

  42. I will take “Extra Ordinary” as my wild card.

  43. Greyhound for my wildcard please.
    I mean it’s Tom Hanks and a war movie, I can’t pass it up

  44. This may be the craziest season we’ve ever played. While I’ve already done the update for this week, I’m going to need to sit down and figure out which other films have been pushed back.

    Right now I know we need replacements for Fast & Furious 9, Bond, and Mulan. Antlers has also been pushed back. There’s a lot of talk about Black Widow, but I haven’t seen anything definitive yet.

    If anyone happens to spot any other notices in the wild, please keep me posted.

  45. I think New Mutants has also been pushed back by Disney

  46. I’ve managed to track down the plugin that was causing it to appear as if accepted comments weren’t being posted.

    Things are a bit amok at work at the moment, but I’ll provide a damage report on the movie roster by Friday.

  47. I’m guessing this is also COVID cancelled?

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