Mob Movie League: Summer 2019

41 responses to “Mob Movie League: Summer 2019

  1. Spider-Man: Far Faron Home

  2. Toy Story 4

  3. Once upon a time in Hollywood.

  4. Secret Life of Pets 2

  5. Ima just take Thor and Valkarie buddy cop movie.. I mean Men in Black international

  6. fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw because my British boyfriend Black Superman 007 Is in this

  7. #2 Child’s Play

  8. Rambo last blood

  9. Aaron Jackson

    Let’s be real I know of none of these movies coming out this summer. So I’ll take Good Boys

  10. Downton Abbey.

  11. Haha I only picked it because it’s basically one of the few I want to see off the list. That and I feel like it will bring in a lot, just based on the tv shows success

  12. The last Black Man In San Francisco

  13. Annabelle Comes Home

  14. The Dead Don’t Die
    Late Night

  15. Dora and the Lost City of Gold

  16. Yesterday. Because Ed is in it.

  17. Aaron Jackson

    uhhh 21 Bridges sure.

  18. Abominable

  19. I think this officially marks the end of the films I recognize.

  20. I am going with Lady Power in Hustlers

  21. Oh let’s just take Jaws ripoff number.. 8000.. I mean 47 Meters Uncaged

  22. Stuber. Because Dave Bautista makes me happy.

  23. The Farewell

  24. Angel Has Fallen

    Which btw, I didn’t know was coming out until I saw it here. I LOVED London Has Fallen, so I’m excited! Thanks for the info!

  25. I’ll go with The Peanut Butter Falcon and The Kitchen.

  26. I’ll go with The Peanut Butter Falcon and The Kitchen.

  27. I’m going to bite the bullet and take Dark Phoenix. At this point, I think it’s box office will better than anything left.

  28. Blinded by the light

  29. The Nightingale sure why not

  30. How’s this coming along?

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