Skinner Co. Ink #4: Mo’ Tribbles, Mo’ Troubles

Skinner Co. Ink #4: Mo' Tribbles, Mo' Troubles

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  1. Joe McTee

    Ha! JRDs ‘stache seemed a bit full and the photo blurred like it was moving… this ‘splains a lot!

    In other news, LOVE the raised eyebrow!

  2. O-Pop


    And for the record, I know Tribbles don’t have adorable beady little eyes like this…but they’re just soooo cute! <3 Squee!

  3. ACK! Tribbles!! run away, call the CDC or whatever Canada’s version is, the MDC? Everything is a ministry up here

  4. O-Pop

    It’s okay, we’ve managed to keep them contained in the Tribble Department. They pose no further threat. 🙂

  5. RH;)

    Send them to Romulin in shipping ‘where they be no tribble at all”

    Who does the art

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