Monday Mystery: Color Me Dead

Paint Can

Note: Last time Woodard chose an easy mystery.

The Solution:

The Green Guerrillas were a band of eco-terrorists that sought revenge from the county that had built a new road through a wetlands area.

At four a.m., the terrorists blocked off the new section of Foggy Bend road from traffic with detour signs. At the road’s hairpin turn, they used black paint to eliminate the white lines down the center of the road; with the white paint they redrew the center line, aiming it straight off the edge of the road and into the soggy wetlands below.

After the detour signs were removed, traffic began to move on the sabotaged road. As always, there was a thick fog on the road and the drivers had to follow the white line.

By the time the police arrived, a total of 33 vehicles had piled up in the worst traffic disaster in state history. The accident also resulted in two deaths and charges of murder to the band of terrorists.

The Case:

During the trial, two key pieces of evidence are a can of black paint and a can of white paint.

The Mystery:

Who’s on trial? What was the crime? How and why was it committed?

Hint #1: The people on trial are a band of eco-terrorists.
Hint #2: The crime scene was the newly-opened Foggy Bend road.


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Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.

55 responses to “Monday Mystery: Color Me Dead

  1. Are the paint cans empty?

  2. Was there a Zebra involved?

  3. Does the crime have any connection to “Razzle Dazzle” camouflage?

  4. I have a feeling that a sign or warning placard was painted?

  5. Did someone paint over the lines in a parking lot?

  6. Was a traffic sign painted?

  7. Did the culprit use the paint to make the victim look like a mime?

  8. Did the culprit change the lines painted on a road?

  9. Did the culprit change a direction sign?

  10. The lines on a highway were changed to direct someone toward the wrong direction, causing a car crash…?

  11. Was the crime committed by a road worker?

  12. Did they direct a transport truck full of logs into traffic?

  13. Did the eco terrorists redirect a tanker truck off a cliff?

  14. Were any people harmed by the redirection?

  15. Was the redirected vehicle carrying animals?

  16. Were the people who died, the intended victims?

  17. Did the victim drive off a cliff?

  18. Were the victims execs in a large company that polluted?

  19. Did the redirected vehicle end up run off the road, either into a swamp/lake/off a cliff/other untenable situation?

  20. Is Foggy Bend road located on Planet Cheron, and did the criminals shout “Let that be your last battlefield!” as the victims drove off the cliff?

  21. Does Foggy Bend road run through some type of sensitive or protected habitat?

  22. Joe & Linda McTee

    Were the victims involved in the fur trade?

  23. Who’s on trial? What was the crime? How and why was it committed?

  24. Were the victims developers of the road through the swamp?

  25. Were the victims random folks who happened on a scheme to “make a point” about the road?

  26. Were the perps members of “Friends of the Swamp” or something similar?

  27. The local chapter of “Friends of the Swamp” was livid. A road?!?! Right through their beloved swamp! This was unthinkable. It had to be shut down. A plan was hatched.

    Late at night, the group painted over the road marking at Quicksand Bend and repainted them leading right off the road and into the deadly quicksand traps.

    The next day, tourists, too busy rubber necking to see the corner, followed the new markings directly into the swamp and their demise.

    Had a member of the eco-group not left a paint foot print at the scene, they would have gotten away with it, too.

    …or something like that! 😉

  28. Ha!

    Let’s go with a medium mystery next time. I am sure I will regret this, but by the, it will be too late.

    Hope you and yours are safe! Ditto for all of the mob!

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