Monday Mystery: The Lead Anniversary

Picnic Blanket

Note: Last time Opope chose an easy mystery.

The Solution:

One of Bobby’s favourite pastimes was getting romantic on a blanket outdoors in the fresh summer air. Eileen, herself, was looking forward to this sweet ending to their picnic. But as soon as Bobby took the blanket from the car trunk and spread it on the grass, Eileen smelled her sister’s distinctive perfume. It was coming from the blanket! This could mean only one thing: her sister Della had been on this blanket with Bobby!

When the insanely jealous Eileen questioned Bobby about Della, she could tell he was lying. She had forgotten to bring a carving knife to the picnic, so she had to make do with a Colt .45.

The Case:

Eileen was happy! Today was her wedding anniversary. To celebrate, she and her husband Bobby went for a long ride in the country, followed by a picnic on a secluded riverbank. Sometime during the meal, Eileen returned to the car, retrieved Bobby’s revolver from the glove compartment and fired four slugs into her startled husband.

The Mystery:

What made Eileen kill her husband?

(The winning solution MUST contain all of these elements, please don’t assume information from a previous question.)

Hint #1: Eileen smelled a rat
Hint #2: 4.12.2019


You’re free to ask anything, (please keep it to one question a post for simplicity’s sake,) but Jurd can only answer your questions with:

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Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.

26 responses to “Monday Mystery: The Lead Anniversary

  1. Did Eileen find something in the picnic basket that suggested he had cheated on her?

  2. Was Bobby a cheater?

  3. Was the revolver always in the car?

  4. Had Bobby been bitten by a zombie and Eileen needed to kill his brain?

  5. Was it her wedding anniversary WITH Bobby?

  6. Did she decide to kill Bobby DURING the meal? (i.e. not premeditated/the intent of the outing)

  7. Is the number of shots (4) significant/meaningful to her motive?

  8. Was it something Bobby said that gave Eileen the clue he was cheating on her?

  9. First hint is up!

  10. Was there a napkin with someone else’s lipstick in the basket?

  11. Did the picnic basket smell of another lady’s perfume?

  12. Did the picnic blanket smell like another lady’s perfume?

  13. When Eileen laid out he blanket, she was present to the unmistakable smell of another lady’s perfume. She recognized he perfume and instantly knew Bobby had been unfaithful.

  14. Solution is up – well done, Jay.

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