Monday Mystery: Sock It to Me

Nemock Starch

Note: Last time Anna chose a medium mystery.

The Solution:

Willie was an airplane pilot who spent lots of time towing advertising banners. His jealous wife had recently learned that while Willie winged it with a banner touting a local beauty contest, he was also taking several of the contestants for joy rides.

Willie took off and landed on a narrow asphalt strip bounded on each side by a treacherously steep gorge. Essential to safe maneuvering was his wind direction indicator, a windsock. After Willie took off on his next flight, his wife used cornstarch to convert the limp windsock into a stiff triangle, indicating a wind direction 90 degrees off actual bearing. Willie missed the strip on his landing, and plunged to his death in a field below.

Officials became suspicious when they spotted the windsock standing at attention in the absence of any wind. When they traced the cornstarch to an empty box in Willie’s widow’s wastebasket, it was “plane” that she was the culprit.

The Case:

Willie is found dead in a field. His wife is arrested when a sock belonging to Willie is examined, along with a container of starch belonging to his wife.

The Mystery:

How did Willie’s wife waste him?

(The winning solution MUST contain all of these elements, please don’t assume information from a previous question.)

Hint #1: The sock was not part of a pair
Hint #2: Willie’s last landing wasn’t exactly a breeze.


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Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.

27 responses to “Monday Mystery: Sock It to Me

  1. Did Wille die of poisoning?

  2. Was the sock on Willie when his body was found?

  3. Was the material in the starch box actually starch?

  4. Was there damage to Willie’s foot associated with the sock?

  5. Was the sock in Willie when he was found?

  6. Was the sock white?

  7. Every comment needs moderation…. even signed in….. makes no sense.

  8. Did the starch container contain anything other than starch?

  9. Did the starch container contain starch?

  10. Okay – the sock was a wind sock and the wife had starched it to fool her husband who flew glider planes. Not knowing how not actually windy it was, he went up in his aircraft but crashed into the field.

  11. Close enough! It wasn’t a glider, but he was a pilot – a weiner is you!

    Easy, Medium, or Hard for next week?

  12. Solution is up, and for a laugh I also included the second hint.

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