Monday Mystery: Dead Ringer


Note: Last time Colorado Joe chose a medium mystery.

The Case:

A man is dead in a ring on a sunny afternoon. The man responsible for his death is arrested nearby with a small object in his hand.

The Mystery:

Who killed the man? What was the object, and what part did it play in his death?

(The winning solution MUST contain all of these elements, please don’t assume information from a previous question.)

Hint #1: The man was killed in an act of blind rage
Hint #2: 12.10.2019


You’re free to ask anything, (please keep it to one question a post for simplicity’s sake,) but Jurd can only answer your questions with:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes and No
  • Irrelevant
  • I don’t know
  • Rephrase your question
  • Define what you mean by…

Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.

21 responses to “Monday Mystery: Dead Ringer

  1. Is it a show ring?

  2. Is the ring a traffic roundabout?

  3. Is it a boxing ring?

  4. Is it a circus ring?

  5. Is it a Sumo ring?

  6. I’ll also give you a hint in that it’s not three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, nor seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, not nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, and definitely not one for the Dark Lord on his dark throne.

  7. Is the the thing in murderer’s hand a hypodermic needle?

  8. First hint is up!

  9. Pro Wresting Ring?

  10. Is the object in his hand a mirror?

  11. Is the weapon a pair of scissors?

  12. Was anyone else in the ring with him when he died?

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