Monday-ish Mystery: Goodbye, Dolly!

Note: Last time Jay chose a medium mystery.

The Solution:

Elderly tycoon Elmore Channing III had been promising to marry mistress Dolly Dollerz for two years. Tired of waiting, she stole $50,000 from Elmore’s library safe, and was making her getaway when Elmore stopped her with his sudden marriage proposal. Dolly realized that instead of a mere $50,000, she’d have access to millions by marrying Elmore and waiting for him to die. She accepted.

That night, Dolly crept down to the library to return Elmore’s money before he discovered it missing. But Elmore was a light sleeper and caught Dolly as she was putting back the cash. Ironically, he assumed she was stealing from him and threatened to have her arrested. Dolly grabbed the fireplace poker and used it to change his mind with a sharp blow to the head. Unfortunately, the poker was too persuasive and Elmore dropped to the floor – dead! Since marriage was then out of the question, Dolly again took the $50,000 and fled.

The Case:

Aging millionaire Elmore Channing III hobbles out to the front lawn of his elegant mansion. Dolly, his beautiful young mistress, is walking towards her car. “Please come back, Dolly,” the sick old man pleads. “I’ll do anything. I’ll even marry you!”

Dolly stops and turns towards Elmore. “Well it’s about time!” she says as she follows him back to the mansion. “I want to get married soon!”

That night the millionaire dies in his library. Days later, Dolly is found in a distant motel with $50,000 hidden in a sack. She is arrested for murder.

The Mystery:

How and why did Dolly kill the rich old codger?

(The winning solution MUST contain all of these elements, please don’t assume information from a previous question.)

Hint #1: The millionaire’s library was a “safe” place
Hint #2: Dolly wanted to give back a little to gain a lot


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Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.

55 responses to “Monday-ish Mystery: Goodbye, Dolly!

  1. Did Elmore have any medical conditions?

  2. Did they get married before his death?

  3. Did he change his mind about the two getting married?

  4. Was BDSM involved?

  5. So, Elmore changed his mind about marrying Dolly so she killed him and stole the money from his safe.

    I’m not sure that’s much of a mystery πŸ˜›

    But how did she kill him?

    Were there any wounds on the body?

  6. Did Elmore overhear Dolly talking to someone else about how she was close to getting his money?

  7. Did Elmore catch Dolly breaking into the safe?

  8. Did Dolly tamper with Elmore’s medicine?

  9. Did he ask her to sign a prenup?

  10. Did Dolly ask Elmore for the combination to the safe?

  11. Was the $50K money Elmore gave her to buy a wedding dress before he called it off?

  12. Did Dolly asl Elmore to put something into the library safe for safekeeping?

  13. Did Elmore catch Dolly “looking over his shoulder” to see the safe combo?

  14. Did elmore get something out of the safe?

  15. The chronology is important, especially in light of the second hint: “Dolly wanted to give back a little to gain a lot”

  16. Did she suffocate him with the 5ok?

  17. Did the library have a safe room?

  18. Dolly took the money out of the safe, under Elmore’s direction. He then wanted sexual relations with Dolly. She refused and argued with Elmore, he became very upset and canceled the wedding, the excitement gave him a heart attack. She panicked and ran with the money. Also, Zombies.

  19. Did Dolly know the combination of the safe before she came back?

  20. Did Dolly learn the combination of the safe after the proposal?

  21. Was Elmore aware that Dolly was putting something in the safe?

  22. Did Elmore catch Dolly in the act of accessing the safe?

  23. Assuming the $50K was what she took out of the safe, did Dolly put an IOU into the safe?

  24. Did Dolly put her wedding ring into the safe?

  25. Did Dolly put a fake suicide note in the safe, supposedly written to her by Elmore?

  26. Melissa La Porte

    Dolly originally stole money when she was leaving but felt bad when Elmore changed his mind about getting married (and she thought she’d get more out of him that way). She went to put the stolen money back in the safe before Elmore could notice but he caught her red handed. Elmore told her, in light of her theft, that the marriage was off and she was getting nothing so she killed him and ran with the 50k.

  27. Nice job, Melissa!

  28. Solution is up!

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