Monday Mystery: The Master Plan


Note: Last week Doc Blue chose a medium mystery.

The Solution:

Lord Faluntit knew that Jasper, his loyal servant, always played the same numbers in the lottery. That night on the news, the winning numbers were announced and the master knew immediately that Jasper had won ten million pounds. He rang for his servant and when the excited lottery winner entered the room, the two of them discussed Jasper’s plans for a life of leisure. But Lord Flauntit had other plans for Jasper’s winnings. Flauntit was on the verge of bankruptcy and desperately needed to acquire the winning lottery ticket. But how? Jasper had hidden the ticket well until he could cash it in.

Lord Flauntit reasoned that a small fire would serve two purposes. It would scare Jasper into retrieving the ticket and would also make Jasper’s “fall” from the window more plausible. The master started the fire in a hall wastebasket. When he heard Jasper rummaging around in his room, Flauntit burst in on his servant, clubbed him senseless, stole his ticket and pushed him headfirst out of the window.

A local barmaid also knew of Jasper’s winning numbers. When Lord Flauntit tried to cash in the ticket, she went straight to the coppers.

The Case:

Late one evening, Lord Flauntint is in his study watching television. He rings a little bell and Jasper, his butler, enters the room. The master and servant have a brief conversation, at the end of which Jasper gives his notice.

At midnight, a fire breaks out at Flauntit Hall. When the firefighters arrive, they find Jasper’s body spread-eagle on the gravel driveway. He is quite dead. The firefighters assume that in his panic to escape the fire, Jasper jumped out of his third story bedroom window and broke his neck in the fall.

The firefighters easily put out the small blaze and then call the constable. The entire county is shocked when the respectable Lord Flauntit is later arrested for arson and murder.

The Mystery:

Why did Lord Flauntit kill Jasper and set the fire?

(The winning solution MUST contain all of these elements, please don’t assume information from a previous question.)

Hint #1: It was Jasper’s lucky day, and his unlucky day!

Hint #2: Posted 6PM


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Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

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20 responses to “Monday Mystery: The Master Plan

  1. Did the firefighters find something important while putting out the fire?

  2. Did Jasper give his notice because of something he saw on the TV?

  3. Did Jasper know he was going to be killed?

  4. Did Jasper win the lottery?

  5. Jasper gave his notice because he saw on TV that he won the lottery, and Lord Flauntint killed him because he was secretly in debt and wanted the money?

  6. Did Flauntit start the fire to destroy evidence?

  7. Were Jasper and the Lord related?

  8. What Hugh said! And the fire was set for insurance purposes after Lord Flauntit couldn’t find the lottery ticket on Jasper’s person.

  9. The fire is a weird aside that doesn’t, to my mind, make a lot of sense as part of the mystery, so I’m calling it with Hugh’s answer – the solution has been posted!

  10. Colorado Linda

    Um… The solution to this puzzle was posted when I pulled up the site. Did no one else see it? I will recuse myself from this mystery. πŸ™‚

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