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CCR42 Maintenance Note


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[Update: Fixed!]

Congratulations: If you have already downloaded A Shriek in the Night, you’ve received a limited edition Mp3 with, unfortunately, unlistenable levels.

We apologize for the SNAFU, a freshly minted release will be up shortly.

– The Board                                                            

Slow Zombies


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Ruby Departed

To be clear, I have not stumbled off at the conclusion of our Ruby six-parter.

The finale is largely complete, but I want to be sure everything is perfectly sliced for your consumption. This meaty episode will land in your feed tomorrow, but in the meantime I recommend sinking your teeth into the previous five episodes to get your brain around where we’re at.

A Brief Interlude


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Contagion by Joel Amat Guell
Don’t panic, there’s just a minor outbreak of eye-vomiting and bloody toes about the Skinner Co. offices, and thus our Narratrix’s voice is out of commission. This next episode has been a few hundred releases in the making, and we’d really like it to land at full strength.

Regular broadcasts to resume shortly, in the meantime send hazmat suits and paper towels.