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A Parent Conclusion


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Science is beginning to confirm what our little mook already knew.

BraaaaainsThere has been nothing more frustrating, in my experience alongside Stella’s journey, than having people imply her preferences are just a matter of us “allowing” something or her “wanting to be different.”

These folks are also often the same group that offers up the “if it’s a real thing why hasn’t it come up until now?” talking point.

Now that the science begins to roll in, because a number of brave people risked their own safety to push a modicum of civility on the ignorant mob, the friendships and familial links we’ve lost will no doubt remain just as abandoned, but:

As Stella has forced us to engage in bettering ourselves to meet our child’s needs, let this be a moment to consider what blockages you hold in your own thinking – what you’ve been considering a “settled matter” when the truth is that perhaps the topic simply hasn’t been allowed enough sunlight to reveal itself properly.

Some are born knowing, but the rest of us need to take the time to learn.

Mob Movie League: Summer Signups!


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Summer 2017 Movies
The next season of the MML is ready to open, but we’re moving it over to the Mob Slack to make life easier. Joining is simple, just head on over to #mobmovieleague, over at, and let us know you want to be entered in the next round.

If you need an invite to the Slack team drop me an email ( from the address you’d like associated with your account – First come, second served!

A Slice


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Null at the Vet
Our vet is an interesting guy.

He’s always very calm. When we had to put down Campbell he was the fellow on duty and I remember thinking, then, that he had that soothing manner you often see in nurses and long-time funeral home workers.

I suppose a serene demeanour helps when dealing with injured, and possibly angry, animals.

Just got notice that all went well with Null’s surgery. He made the call himself, which surprised me a little – usually it’s one of the vet techs who handles the phone.

Even more surprising, however, was the fact that I could hear the excitement in his voice.

“Everything went well with the surgery?” I asked.

“Yes, yes,” he replied, “but I need your email address: you MUST see what I expressed from her anal glands.”

– and now I have. Now I have.

Though I have no idea what I’m looking at, (beyond that I wouldn’t want to wipe it on my children,) our vet stands as a great reminder that you’ve got to find joy in your work where you can – even if it’s in cat-butt secretions.

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