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Null at the Vet
Our vet is an interesting guy.

He's always very calm. When we had to put down Campbell he was the fellow on duty and I remember thinking, then, that he had that soothing manner you often see in nurses and long-time funeral home workers.

I suppose a serene demeanour helps when dealing with injured, and possibly angry, animals.

Just got notice that all went well with Null's surgery. He made the call himself, which surprised me a little - usually it's one of the vet techs who handles the phone.

Even more surprising, however, was the fact that I could hear the excitement in his voice.

"Everything went well with the surgery?" I asked.

"Yes, yes," he replied, "but I need your email address: you MUST see what I expressed from her anal glands."

- and now I have. Now I have.

Though I have no idea what I'm looking at, (beyond that I wouldn't want to wipe it on my children,) our vet stands as a great reminder that you've got to find joy in your work where you can - even if it's in cat-butt secretions.

Riding Explosions Through Space


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Joe Monk's giant egg - and its big-bang-based engine - are actually inspired by the work of Project Orion, during which we considered using a series of nukes, dropped behind a heavy shield, to shove a ship across the solar system.

As far as I can tell it's actually still the fastest method of getting around if we were willing to, you know, constantly be setting off nuclear explosions.

Here's the 1-meter model in action. Yes, it's pooping bombs.

Jessica May and the CCR Orchestra Present: Hysteria


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House on Haunted Hill

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The latest episode of Chrononaut Cinema Reviews isn't quite ready for publication, but Jessica May has put together this excellent bit of music using the film, House on Haunted Hill, as her palette.

Check it out - but REMAIN CALM.

Chrononaut Cinema Reviews is presented by and Way of the Buffalo, and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License.



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Strocking WomanI - I need to take a moment to discuss this ad I randomly encountered out in the open waters of the web.

Let's say, for funsies, that the designer actually meant Stroking Woman, as "Strocking" sounds like something that'll get you arrested pretty quickly.

In fact, if your skeezy cousin were busted for "suspicion of strocking" you probably wouldn't even want to ask what exactly he'd done, you'd just shrug and accept it.


Stroking Woman - is she a woman having a stroke? Is she a super heroine with the power to build up static electricity in cats? It's hard to know, but it does seem like it has something to do with "Pleasure", as it's one of the few words the advertisement manages to convey in proper English.

Which brings up the next problem, woman strocking apparently has three stages: Cold, Hot - OOOOH, it's trying to imply something sexual!

- but, wait, what's that last option? ARRRRRR? Have I been misunderstanding women this entire time? Is a sign of peak sexual arousal a sudden urge to partake in high-seas piracy? Is "strocking" a nautical term?

I'm out of here before a pirate booty joke shows up, but I'm open to your suggestions in the comments.

Melting Potcast Cook-Off!


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The Melting Potcast

A few months ago Doc Blue, of Doc Azrael fame, challenged me to a fictional cook-off on The Melting Potcast - the tales are now live!

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Take a listen, and if you enjoy one story or the other vote!

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