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Monday Mystery (on a Tuesday): Ship Drip

Posted by on January 8, 2019

40-Foot Cabin Cruiser

Happy New Year! Skinner Co.’s doors are once again open, and a mystery awaits.

Note: Last week P-Ton chose a hard mystery.


Oscar loved the sea and finally saved up enough money to buy a cabin cruiser at a government auction. The boat had recently been confiscated from a drug smuggler. The smugger had several silent partners in crime, but refused to implicate them.

Before his arrest, the smuggler had stashed a fortune in drugs in a special hidden compartment on the boat that narcotics officers failed to find. The smuggler’s partners didn’t dare come forward and bid on the boat because they knew they were under surveillance by the authorities. Instead, they found out who bought the boat and sent him a phony first prize vacation notice. They hoped to lure the unsuspecting Oscar to the “friendly” waters of St. Aretha, a place where U.S. officials had no authority and were not welcome. Once Oscar arrived, it would be a simple matter for the smugglers to sneak on board and unload the drugs.

Unfortunately, Oscar was not a skillful skipper and his boat sank in a storm. The smuggler’s stash, as well as Oscar, went down with the ship.

The Case:

After saving for years, Oscar purchases a 40-foot cabin cruiser at a bargain price. Then, a week later he wins a contest for an all-expense-paid stay at a luxury resort on the island of St. Aretha. Oscar immediately takes some time off from work and heads for the Caribbean paradise. He is thrilled with his good fortune, but slightly puzzled because he can’t recall entering the contest.

The Mystery:

How did Oscar win a contest he never entered? What crime was involved, and who was behind it?

(The winning solution MUST contain all of these elements, please don’t assume information from a previous question.)

Hint #1: Posted at 5PM

Hint #2: Posted at 9PM


You’re free to ask anything, (please keep it to one question a post for simplicity’s sake,) but Jurd can only answer your questions with:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes and No
  • Irrelevant
  • I don’t know
  • Rephrase your question
  • Define what you mean by…

Disclaimer: Monday Mysteries are culled from the 1993 Milton Bradley game, Crack the Case – but don’t go peeking.

Skinner Co. makes no claim to the intellectual property presented here, we’re just a number of friends playing a board game in a digital living room.

18 Responses to Monday Mystery (on a Tuesday): Ship Drip

  1. Joe McTee

    Unbeknownst to Oscar, is there anything illegal hidden on the boat?

  2. Patrick Toner

    Is his job relevant to this puzzle?

  3. Hugh

    Is the contest being run by the person who sold him the boat?

  4. Joe McTee

    Is Oscar being used as a mule?

  5. Opope

    How did he head for the Caribbean paradise? Via his new boat?

  6. Hugh

    Was the boat delivered to Oscar by a third party?

  7. Joe Mctee

    My proposed solution*…

    The original owner of the boat is a person of ill repute who needs something smuggled to St. Aretha. They plant this in the boat, sell the boat cheaply to Oscar, then manufacture a fake contest to lure Oscar on boat to St. Aretha, where they plan to surreptitiously retake their illegal goods. Should the authorities find things before that, Oscar becomes the fall guy.

    * I solemnly swear i am up to no good (natch), but also that I have never heard this puzzle before.

    • jrdskinner

      Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

      Solution will be posted in 20, but, in the meantime, what kind of puzzle would you like next week? Easy, medium, or hard?

      • Joe McTee

        Kind of funny, cuz this “hard” one seemed easy, while the easy ones kicked my butt. So I guess we’ll go hard again and see what happens.

  8. Opope

    ^^^yeah what he said πŸ˜‰

  9. Jay

    Late to the game…… I immediately thought the boat was made out of cocain.

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