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Monday Mystery

Posted by on November 19, 2018

Limo Crash

The Case:

A car driven by a drunken man collides with a limo on a busy street. Miraculously, the limo driver and his passenger are not critically injured, and the driver of the car walks away unhurt. Nevertheless, the drunken man is later arrested for negligent homicide.

The Mystery:

On what grounds was the drunken driver arrested?

Hint #1: The limo was speeding to save a life

Hint #2: Locked till 8PM


You’re free to ask anything, but Jurd can only answer your questions with:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes and No
  • Irrelevant
  • I don’t know
  • Rephrase your question
  • Define what you mean by…

Update: Raygan wins!

The Story:

It was an emergency. The limo’s passenger was a medical technician, rushing a heart from the airport to the hospital for a life-saving transplant. But the crash smashed the organ to smithereens, making the transplant impossible.

Though the two men in the limo lived, the unlucky patient died in the hospital, waiting in vain for her new heart to arrive. By his negligence, the drunk driver caused the patient’s death.

What’d you all think? Same game next Monday?

28 Responses to Monday Mystery

  1. Pat Toner

    Did the car of the drunk man have a passenger?

  2. Opope

    Did the drunk driver hit a pedestrian?

  3. Pat Toner

    Was the drunk man on his way to deliver something?

  4. Mildred

    Was either the limo driver or passenger a woman?

  5. Opope

    Did another car hit the drunk driver’s car after it hit the limo?

  6. Opope

    Was the negligent death caused by the man walking away?

  7. Pat Toner

    Is the type of car the man was driving important?

  8. Jay

    was it the drunken man’s car?

  9. Jay

    Was the passenger of the limo a famous person?

  10. Jay

    Does the passenger of the limo, regularily take a limo to get around? Is it their normal form of transportation?

  11. Hugh

    Did the drunk driver rear end the limo?

  12. jrdskinner

    I’ve updated the post with the first hint.

  13. Raygan

    Was the limo speeding a human heart to a hospital for a transplant?

  14. Jay

    Darn! I though that the passenger was a doctor or someone important and needed to save a life.

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